Robert Elijah BANNISTER

Date of Birth: 
29 Aug 1829
Date of Death: 
14 Jun 1882

Robert was born in St Thomas Dudley, Wocester, England.

He came to NZ (aged 11) with his parents, arriving in Wellington in April 1840 on the "Bolton".

He married Sarah Martin (born in Chelenham, Gloucestershire, England) in Wellingtin in 1856.

They had nine children, one of whom died in infancy and another very young.

In 1853 Robert was a clerk in Wellington, then to Christchurch by 1870, back to Wellington by 1875.

Three daughters & one son were all involved in the teaching profession.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Robert Elijah Bannister; William Bannister; Mary Eades; Sarah Martin; James Martin; Augusta Thornton; Mary Augusta Bannister; Ebba Ruth Bannister; William Edwin Bannister; Caroline Ellen (Nellie) Redward; Mary Noonan; Robert Martin Bannister; Emma Matilda Harriet Bannister; Hamilton McKellar Bannister; Mary Elizabeth Self; Nina Carol Paretau Fenton; George Harold Bannister; Minnie Hooper; James Edgar John Bannister; Dorothy Blanche Hursthouse; Dudley Athol Thornton Bannister; Elizabeth Gavil Mitchell; Lillian Watson Gavil.