Robert Joseph Cheffings (Joseph) DAVISON

Date of Birth: 
Oct 1855
Date of Death: 
22 Feb 1935

Joseph was born at Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England.

He is the son of George Snr, and his son George Jnr both have their own profiles.

Joseph married Jane Marson (born in England in 1861) at Wanganui in 1879.

They had three sons & two daughters.

One son, Arthur, served in WW1.

One son-in-law, Percy Unsworth, served in WW2.

Joseph started out as a carter in Wanganui around 1890.

he then was in Levin as a farmer from at least 1905 to around 1914. Then he became an enginedriver. From 1928 it is shown that the family lived in Winchester St, Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Robert Joseph Cheffings (Joseph) Davison, Jane Marson, William Marson, Ann Marson, George Davison Jnr, Alice Annie Davison, Daniel Joseph Kehely, William Arthur (Arthur) Davison, Phebe Louisa Wallis, Ivy May Davison, Henry Percy Mafeking (Percy) Unsworth, Joseph James Davison, Florence Minnie McCleland.