Robert William HOBSON

Date of Birth: 
c 1915
Date of Death: 
11 Jan 1963

Robert was born in Australia.

He married Riria (Kay) Seymour (born in 1911) in 1946.

They had two sons.

His brother Wilfred Hobson also appears in a profile. Riria is the sister of the two wives of Wilfred Hobson.

Robert started out as a farm hand at Pohangina & then became a poultry farmer in Mako Mako Rd. He then lived at 153 Queenwood Rd, finishing his working life as a carrier. His widow continued to live at 153 (later becoming 71) Queenwood Rd.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Robert William Hobson, William John Hobson, Lizzie Hobson, Riria (Kay) Seymour, Peter Hobson, Nigel Seymour Hobson.