Date of Birth: 
16 Oct 1887
Date of Death: 
8 Jul 1966

Thomas was born at Tauranga.

He married Edith Bateman (born in Victoria, Australia in 1890) in 1914.

They had two sons (one died at infancy) & two daughters. Three sons, Bill (Air Force), Thomas (Army) & David (Army) & one son-in-law Eric Fox, served in WW2. Eric was a POW from 1942.

Thomas is a labourer in Shannon then became a flaxcutter whilst living in Queen St, then Oxford St, Levin. He retired to live at Waiterere Beach by 1954. In the meantime Edith continued to live at 45 Goldsmith Cres for the rest of her life.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Thomas Easton, Lockhart Dobbie Easton, Elizabeth Biddy Boult, Edith Henrietta Bateman, James Stephen Henry Bateman, Ellen Wise, Ellen Louisa Easton, Andrew McClelland Martin, Arthur James Easton, Freda May Clark, William Matthew (Bill) Easton, Veronica Margaret Ada (Vera) Fuller, Frederic Easton, Thomas Easton, Mollie Hobbs, Edith Easton, Eric Valentine Fox, David James Easton, Kahuoterangi (Kahu) Wehipeihana.