Thomas Francis GIBSON

Date of Birth: 
c Aug 1837
Date of Death: 
30 Mar 1898

Thomas was born at Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.

He married Mary Ann/e Croft (also born at Knaresborough in 1841) in 1864.

They had 3 sons & two daughters.

The family emigrated to NZ arriving on Christmas Day 1880 at Wellington. As there were children on board with measles all the parents were quarantined on Soames Island in Wellington harbour.

The family moved to Moutoa where Thomas was a settler. He as appointed Foxton Town Clerk and was in this position up till he died. A coronor's court found that he had committed suicide.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Thomas Francis (Snr), Thomas Gibson, Mary Ann/e Croft, Elizabeth Croft, John William Gibson, Joseph Dearlove Gibson, Nellie Hannah Dukes, Herbert Wood, Laura Dalton Gibson, James Banks, Thomas Francis (Jnr) (Tom)Gibson, Sarah Jane (Flo) Broadbelt, Gertrude Gibson.