Thomas HOBSON (Jnr)

Date of Birth: 
24 Jun 1870
Date of Death: 
21 Aug 1961

Thomas was born at Porangahau.

He married Annie Statham (born at Dunedin in 1871) at Dunedin in 1908.

They had one son & twin daughters.

Both daughters married & lived in the USA. During the war (WW2) they both worked as welders in the Kaiser shipyards in San Francisco.

Thomas started working life as a shepherd at Takapau, becoming a sheep farmer there. By 1919 he had moved to Weraroa. He retired from farming and became a Levin Borough Councillor from 1921 to 1923. In 1923 he became the Borough's 4th Mayor, a position he held till 1929.

By 1935 he had returned to Porangahau as a sheep farmer.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Thomas Hobson (Jnr), Thomas Hobson (Snr), Elizabeth Beale, Annie Ellen Statham, Charles Hadfield Statham, Ann Sutton Hemsley, Clive Thomas Hobson, Phyllis Nina (Ben) White, June Hadfield Hobson, Stanley C Schaumberg, Sam Grande, Ruth Lilias Hobson, Robert Fisch.