Thomas JAMES

Date of Birth: 
12 Apr 1856
Date of Death: 
18 May 1936

Thomas was born at Nelson.

He married Innes Fisher (born c 1860) in 1879. Very little is known about her.

They had two daughters & one son. Again very little can be found about the youngest daughter Winnifred.

Thomas stated out as a shoemaker in Levin around 1893. He moved to Shannon as a bootmaker around 1914. His final move was to Collingwood around 1935.

During his time in Levin he owned several properties. He was also on the unofficial census for the 1905 Levin township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Thomas James, John James, Mary Ann Roil, Innes Fisher, Ivy Louisa James, James Burnip Shankland, Reuben Joseph Thomas Dillon, Wallace Cecil James, Louisa Phillips, Winnifred May James.