Thomas (William) JUKES

Date of Birth: 
20 Aug 1851
Date of Death: 
2 May 1904

Thomas (known as William) was born at Dudley, Worcestershire, England.

He married Elizabeth Tantrum (born at Ludlow, Shropshire, England in 1854) at Halford, Shropshire in 1873.

They moved to NZ, arriving at Wellington in January 1874.

They had 7 girls & 4 boys. Three died in infancy. One son died as a result of a tree falling on him. He was 17.

Thomas was killed when he was riding a jigger (on the rails) back home after work. The northern train ran into him.

Thomas started his working life in NZ at Feilding as a labourer. By 1890 he was in Levin as a surfaceman, then moved to Ohau where he was a platelayer & surfaceman.

One daughter, Lily May, features in a Drake profile.




Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Thomas (William) Jukes, Edward Tibby Jukes, Elizabeth Poston, Elizabeth Tantrum, William Tatrum, Susannah Jones, Susannah Elizabeth Jukes, Eliza Jane Jukes, Henry Alfred Wilson, Annie Louise Jukes, Walter Lawson, William Edwin Thomas Jukes, Laura Violet Lena Harmen, Grace Muriel Saint, Ellen Sarah Jukes, Henry Aubrey Corner, George Arthur (Arthur) Jukes, Catherine (Katherine Josephine) Dooling, Mary Evangeline Jukes, Walter David Dukes, Lily May Jukes, Daisy Violet Rose Jukes, Frederick James Crowe, John Wright Jukes.