Tom Henry (Harry) COLPMAN

Date of Birth: 
c 1856
Date of Death: 
7 Nov 1934

Tom was born at Peterborough, England.

He married Anne (known as Minnie) (born at Wangnaui in 1864) in 1884.

They had three daughters & one son.

The son, George Arthur, served in WW1.

One daughter died in her teens.

Tom started as a labourer at Petone. By 1896 he was a settler at Reikioragi. By 1928 he was a dairy farmer at Waikanae.

He was also an Ayrshire (cow) breeder.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Tom Henry (Harry) Colpman, George Colpman, Elizabeth Ann Satchell, Anne Frances (Minnie) Day, John Day, Mary Jane Riley, Dora Hilda Colpman, John Henry (Henry) Thomas, Mabel Colpman, Eveline May Colpman, Frank Hamilton Monk, George Arthur Colpman, Annie Symonds.