Walter Miller FINLAYSON

Date of Birth: 
c 1853
Date of Death: 
23 Jul 1940

Walter was born in Scotland

He married Mary Pallett (born at Essendon, Herfordshire, England in 1852) at Essendon in 1877.

They had five daughters & two sons.At least two were born in England & one in Sth Africa. One died in infancy.

Walter started work at Crofton as a railway employee around 1890. Then he became a contractor, firstly at Hunterville then in levin from at least 1905. When he retired the family were living in Cambridge St, Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Walter Miller Finlayson, William Finlayson, Mary Jane Pallett, Isabella Webb, Rose Lillian (Miller) Finlayson, John Alexander McPherson, Maud Sophia Finlayson, Robert Melton, Harry Miller Finlayson, Clara Belle Taylor, John Pallett Finlayson, Mary Krivan, Zana Finlayson, John Patrick Orr, Ada Finlayson, Mary Finalyson.