William George HUTTON

Date of Birth: 
2 Mar 1857
Date of Death: 
10 Jul 1929

William was born at Poplar, Middlesex, England.

He arrived in NZ in 1878, moving from Australia to Wanganui.

He married Sarah Johnson (born at Aston, Birmingham, England in 1859) at Wanganui in 1879.

After two children were born in Wanganui the family moved to Liverpool in NSW, Australia, where 3 more children were born.

They moved back to Dunedin in 1887 & then to Wellington.

Altogether they had four girls & four sons. One daughter died very young.

Sarah died in 1897, when the oldest child was 17 & the youngest was 2.

William married again to Mary Hayes (born in 1849) in 1898.

One son, Sidney, served in WW1.

William started as a carter in Wellington before moving to Dunedin as a fishmonger. He then moved back to Wellington around 1894 as an expressman. He moved to Weraroa around 1905 as a painter before returning to Wellington around 1911 as a painter & labourer.
(Expressman has the duty of packing, managing, and ensuring the delivery of any cargo on board a train.)

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