William Henry OSTLER

Date of Birth: 
May 1833
Date of Death: 
11 May 1879

William was born at Kingston-upon-Hull, England.

he moved to Australia where he met and married Emma Roberts (born at West Ham, England in 1848) at Melbourne in 1868.

They moved to Benmore Station in 1857 and then to their own place Ben Ohau Station.

They had 4 children, 2 boys & 2 girls. One son died in infancy.

William was killed in an accident and Emma moved the family to Levin.

One daughter (Helen) married a farmer who also became an MP.

Her surviving son became a judge and was knighted.

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Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William Henry Ostler, Robert Giles Ostler, Mary Pickard, Emma Brignell Roberts, Rev Thomas Roberts, Mary Ann Griffiths, Helen Mary Ostler, Charles Kendall Wilson, Charles Hartley Ostler, Edith Louisa (Daisy) Ostler, Sir Henry Hubert Ostler, Lucille Bernice Duigan.