William James KIRK

Date of Birth: 
19 Aug 1849
Date of Death: 
15 Aug 1932

William was born at Liverpool, England.

He married Catherine Leslie in Australia in 1871.

They had three daughters & two sons.

Catherine died in 1899 and William married Edith Hollard (born at Tauherenikau in 1870) in 1900.

They had one son & one daughter.

William was an electrographer the electrotyper in Wellington until he retried, around 1914, and moved to live in Salisbury St, Levin, until he died.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William James Kirk, George Kirk, Catherine Jones, Catherine Buchanan Leslie, Robert Leslie, Jean McKechnie, Edith Hollard, John Hollard, Elizabeth Earl Robinson, Daisy Kirk, George William Kirk, Henry (Harry) Kirk, Catherine Sarah Jane Lusty, May Leslie Kirk, Violet Jean Kirk, Henry Maud, Eric James Kirk, Florence Irene Pascoe, Beth Gwenllean (Gwendolyn) Kirk.