William Miller EASTHOPE Jnr

Date of Birth: 
16 Jan 1883
Date of Death: 
12 Feb 1943

William was born at Masterton, son of William Snr (who is also profiled).

He married Fanny Cox (nee Bartlett, born in 1863) in 1916. They probably met in Levin where Fanny had a refreshment rooms in Oxford St. They had no children.

In 1905 William appears as a mechanic in Levin. In 1908 he advertises as a Rudge Whitworth selling agent in Levin.

In 1911 he is in Cambridge as a aalcksmith/striker, then moves to Opotiki as a labourer in 1914. By 1919 he is in Wellington as a freezer hand & storeman. (Although they did not marry till 1916, Fanny is described as 'married' in the electoral rolls in 1911.)

William served in WW1.

After he dies the widow, Fanny, returns to live in Oxford St, Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William Miller Easthope Jnr, Fanny Bartlett, Frederick Cox, Charlotte Ann Galpin, Samuel Nathaniel Bartlett.