Date of Birth: 
1 Jun 1855
Date of Death: 
12 May 1925

William was born at Levin.

He married Elizabeth Flux (born in England in 1857) at Wellington in 1876.

They had one son.

He then married Martha Trueman (born at Liverpool, England in 1864) at Wellingotn in 1879.

They had 11 sons & 3 daughters. 1 son & 1 daughter died in infancy.

Three sons, Charles, Thomas & Sydney served in WW1 & one son, Arthur served in WW2.

William started out as a farmer at Johnsonville. Around 1890 he moved to Ohau as a settler. By 1899 he was a teamster in Levin. The family lived in Salisbury St, Levin.

A son-in-law, George Lester, ran a successful cordial factory in Levin for many  years.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William Mudgway, Charles Mudgway (Muckaway), Frances Sunnex, Elizabeth Mary Flux, Robert Flux, Elizabeth Mary Turner, Augustus William Mudgway, Martha Jane Trueman, Henry Trueman, Mary Ann Betts, John Edwin Mudgway, Walter Mudgway, Henry William Mudgway, Mathilda Madeline Ottelli Wapp, Albert Francis Mudgway, Edith Winifred Morris, James Victor Mudgway, Bessie Olive Trueman, Charles Cecil Mudgway, Constance Mary May Mudgway, George Robert Lester, Harold Ernest Mudgway, Mary Helen (Ellen) Winship, Thomas Wennington Mudgway, Sydney Clifford Mudgway, Emilie Margaret Jane Duthie, Lawrence Wilfred (Tui) Mudgway, Beryl Mary McDonald, Arthur Herbert Mudgway, Nell Amanda (Nella) Irving, Betty Desormeaux (nee Holmwood) Andrews, Roy Cooper Falloon, Ivy Dorothy Mudgway, Dorothea Eileen Mudgway, George Norman Raymond, Thomas Buller Blanchette.