William Sanson COLLIER

Date of Birth: 
22 Feb 1832
Date of Death: 
7 Feb 1897

William was born in Hawkchurch, Dorset, England.

He married Georgiana Swift (born in Rotherhithe, Surrey, England in 1841) at Geelong, Australia in 1857.

They had 14 children, eight boys & six girls. Three died in infancy.

Profiles on three of the sons, William Frederick, Cyrus Bishop & Albert Sanson are recorded separately.

The first record of William is a sa labourer in Picton in early 1880. From there he moved to Paraparumu around 1890 as a bushman, then a flaxmiller at Langley Parade, before returning to Picton as a farmer around 1911.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William Sanson Collier, George Collier, Elizabeth Bishop, Georgiana Swift, Frederick Swift, Sarah Swift, William Frederick Collier, Jane Augusta (Ann) Collier, Frank Woolley, Edwin George Collier, Jane (Jeannie) Terry, Adolphus Rufus Collier, Ada Josephine Haszard, Georgina Collier, Joseph Terry, James Frame Eaton, Rhoda Selina Conley, Albert Sanson Collier, Cyrus Victor Collier, Cyrus Bishop Collier, Elizabeth Bishop Collier, Gordon Peter Longdon Carrington, Leah Eades, Laura Coralie Collier, Walter Joseph Reading, Vida Ellen Swift Collier, Edward Frederick Hearle, Walter Swift Collier, Mary Dyer, Raphael Lancelot Thomson, Sarah Collier.