William Te Aruhu (Robert) BROUGHTON

Date of Birth: 
27 Mar 1864
Date of Death: 
24 Jun 1944

Robert was born in Wanganui in 1856 or 1864.

He married Minnie Duggan (born at Waterford, Ireland in 1860) at Sanson in 1885.

They had 11 children, six girls & five boys.

Robert started working life as a shepherd at Rongotea in the late 1896's. He then moved to Levin as a farmer.

By 1928 he was shown as a caretaker in Palmerston Nth.

Through his mother he is related to the Taueki family.

Robert signed the "Yes" petition in the 1905 Levin township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
William Te Aruhu (Robert) Broughton, Charles William Broughton, Herora Hunia Taueki, Minnie Duggan, Michael James Duggan, Mary (Minnie) Meaghan, Alice May (Mei) Broughton, Henry Morgan, Charles Rudolph (Charlie) Broughton, Rosie May Edith Lee, Mabel Robina Broughton, John Fulton Walker, Isabella Broughton, Albert John Devonshire, Alfred William (Alf) Broughton, Jean Gillies Alexander, Ethel Maud Burgess, Olive Minnie Broughton, Wilfred Edmond Stanilaus Porter, Leslie Robert Broughton, Alison Delves Lockhart Humphrey, Hinemoa Muriel (Eileen) Broughton, Albert Arthur Close, William Frederick Ker, Ellen Ida Whyte, Marjorie Phylis Bray, Marjorie Phylis Hodgson, Dorothy Alberta Harris, Leonard Douglas (Len) Broughton, May Jane Goudie, Nesta Milton Howes, Rita Irene Broughton, Roy Alexander Littlejohn, Richard Thomas Turnbull, Basil Royal Broughton, Rita Lillian Baigent.